A CEO used the "Tools".  His company exceeded its key measurements of revenue, profitability and operational targets for eight consecutive quarters.


CEO was having difficulty with their flagship product.  The "Tools" enabled it to be reborn generating $14mm of new revenue, plus sales commitments of $50mm and $1.2b of sales opportunities in less than one year.  Then the channel sales partnerships were re-activated worldwide, generating $2.4mm in new revenue in two quarters.


A CIO sought to optimize his organization.  It was dysfunctional plus employees and clients were unhappy.  The "Tools" enabled him to become an industry Best Place to 

Work and leader plus create value for the enterprise.  He was promoted to CEO.


The "Tools" are based on over 1,000 organization observations and personal involvement in real life experiences over a 40 year time period in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan. They are time tested and work.  They are simple, accelerate the speed to results and are adaptable to changing needs



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